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What is the Functional Mobility Assessment (FMA)?

The Functional Mobility Assessment (FMA) tool available through U.S. Rehab is a provider-centric way to measure how consumers self-report their ability to function using mobility equipment. The tool measures a patient’s satisfaction to perform Mobility-Related Activities of Daily Living (MRADL’s) in a client’s old equipment compared to his or her new equipment. 

The FMA is an outcomes management tool that tracks patient health. This is the only outcomes tool that is provider-centric and follows clients after they are provided a new mobility intervention.

Data collected from the FMA will be used several different ways. 

  • Defend the need and pricing for complex rehab technology (CRT)
  • Show what we already know- what type of equipment is appropriate for various diagnoses 
  • Validate the importance of the ATP
  • Produce evidence that when quality equipment is provided by a certified medical professional, patients have better outcomes

Why Participate?

Participating providers will receive a report of their FMA data as compared to the national baseline. A minimum of 50 time 1 and 50 time 2 datasets are required before a report can be created. The information in the report can be used to market to referral sources and within provider accreditation policies and procedures, quality assurance, and site survey recertification. 

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