Functional Mobility Assessment Tool

Compare Patient Outcomes With New Equipment

Available to members and providers of U.S. Rehab, the Functional Mobility Assessment (FMA) tool is used to gauge consumer’s ability to function using rehab equipment on self-reported assessments. The FMA tool measures a patient’s satisfaction and ability to perform Mobility-Related Activities of Daily Living by comparing their new equipment to their old equipment.

With this tool, providers can track patient health and outcomes and collect valuable data that can be used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Defending the need and pricing for complex rehab technology and orthotic and prosthetic equipment
  • Further demonstrating the type of equipment that is appropriate for a given diagnosis
  • Validating the importance of ATPs
  • Producing evidence that quality equipment provided by certified medical professionals directly improves patient outcomes

FMA Tool Benefits

When a provider enrolls, they will not only receive their FMA data, but they will be able to compare their information to the national baseline. By including national trends, providers can make more informed decisions for their business. Providers need at least 50 time 1 and time 2 datasets each to create a report. The information in the report can be used to market to referral sources and within provider accreditation policies and procedures, quality assurance and site survey re-certifications.

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In addition to the data collection, the FMA Tool offers:

Improved Patient Outcomes

This is the only outcomes program that is provider-based and ensures patients receive proper care through post-delivery follow-up

Gather Data Effectively and Efficiently

Data is compiled before insurance companies and CMS require it and can be monitored for your internal quality assurance & accreditation programs

Set Your Company Apart

Utilize the results to market to referral sources to differentiate you company from your competitors

Revolutionize Your Business

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